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Market research

Creating a new product requires information about similar products, ingredients,and price. Mahloran's market research platform can gather all these information and answer all your questions about them.


Mahloran's professional chemists and biochemists use the latest and the most advanced methods and formulas to make their products. which will help you with your product.


One of our services is the packaging service, from creating the idea to different suggestions for designing packaging and printing with the highest standards. with our professional team we will help you design and pack your products to your hearts desire.

Private Label

Mahloran Gives premium private label services. the producer's name will not be mentioned on the package.
the only name on the package will be your company's name.

Branding Services

Mahloran's branding services has the benefit of having a large selection of verified brands which contains single syllable ones suitable for beauty products and a professional legal team which will verify these brands.

Supply Chain

One of Mahloran's services is development of all software in the supply chain, from production to selling and managing information in the supply chain.

Business Procedure

1. Sending business proposal

Send your resume and business propose to

2.Making ideas

after sending your business propose using mahloran's platform , Your proposal will be considered and optimized by the company and will be presented to you as a suggestion. After finalizing the idea, another meeting will be set with the company to further discuss the idea.

3.Design Phase

Following the final decision of product’s specifications, the designing process, including ingredients and packaging, will begin. Ultimately, a detailed prototype ready for production will be presented.

4.Production phase

the production phase will begin after agreeing upon the number of production and the deadline. we will guarantee the quality of your product throughout the entire business procedure.

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